Brookfield Place Calgary


Floors 56 (East Tower)
41 (West Tower)
Office Area 1.4m sq. ft. (East Tower)
1.0m sq. ft. (West Tower)
Typical Floor 28,500 sq. ft. (East Tower)
27,200 sq. ft. (West Tower)
Retail Area 16,600 sq. ft. (East Tower)
12,500 sq. ft. ( West Tower)
5,300 sq. ft. (Pavilion)
Urban Plaza 2.3 acres (East Plaza, Phase 1)
0.8 acres (West Plaza, Phase 2)
Floor to Ceiling Height 9 ft. (2.75m)
Typical Floor 6 sensors per floor
HVAC Zones Per Typical Floor  
Perimeter 24
Interior 11 (low-rise) 13 (mid-rise)
14 (high-rise)
Ventilation Air Capacity 0.20 cfm/sq. ft. (6.4 Air Changes per hour)
Number of Power Feeds from Enmax 2 x 13.2 Kv Grid – Serving 3 Enmax vaults
Tenant Power 3.0 watts/sq. ft.
Back - up Tenant Power 1.0 watt/sq. ft. from diesel generator
ELEVATORS Destination Dispatch System
PARKING 550 stalls (East Tower)
530 stalls (West Tower)
Access from 6th Avenue SW
Bike Facilities 275 indoor stalls
10 outdoor stalls
240 lockers
30 showers